Nisvara, Inc. provides the computer industry with a new set of solutions for system heat extraction™ solutions.

The Nisvara Thermal Management™ System responds to a critical industry problem: Computer systems are running too hot to be cooled by the fan-based airflow systems that have been in use for 20 years.

Nisvara's patent-pending system heat extraction technology moves heat from the many hot points in the system - like chips, CPU boards, graphics boards, disk drives, and power supplies - to outside the system, without using airflow from internal fans.

As a result, Nisvara-based systems help manufacturers of technical workstations, industrial and military computers, and servers:

  Increase system performance and reliability by reducing heat's impact.
  Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for computer systems.
  Cut rack-system air conditioning capital expenses and energy costs, as well as reducing requirements for rack space for fans. 
  Maximize energy use and maximize the compute power density in data centers.
  Create totally silent computers.
  Eliminate dust or germ contamination via a sealed system that doesn't rely on internal fan airflow for cooling.

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